Meet The Visionary

My name is J.Renee and I am a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker; but most recently, the founder of The Visionary Academy.  I am extremely passionate about teaching and developing visionaries, and helping them become everything God has called them to be, and I am excited about getting YOU connected to The Visionary Academy!
I believe we are in an amazing time of entrepreneurship and creativity.  It is easier than ever to start a business or launch your product, however there is something that severely concerns me:
The lack of sustainability in the endeavors of this generation.


Over the last 10 years of me being an entrepreneur, I have learned some powerful lessons.

One of the most valuable lessons has been that it always pays to do things the right way, the first time. 

The second most valuable lesson has been that you can live out your dreams, do pretty much anything you want, and accomplish whatever you want;  you just have to be strategic in your execution.

I launched The Visionary Academy because I want to help fill in the gaps that stand in the way of execution and sustainability.  I want to help creatives, visionaries, and entrepreneurs all over the world understand it, build it, and keep it: whatever their "it" is. 

From e-books and how-to guides, to extensive master classes and course systems, The Visionary Academy will have something for you.  I pray that you are blessed and empowered to conquer the world through vision and business.


- J.Renee