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Visionary Finances is a 3-part course system designed to change the way you do business, by changing the way that you do money.

Visionary Finances Part 1: Personal Finances  + The Debt Relief Worksheet 

  • End the stressful cycle of poor money management by regaining control of your finances.
  • Budgeting and saving made easy
  • Learn a disciplined by simple delegation system that will keep you from ever being broke.
  • Increase your buying power and ability to make major purchases (like a home) by strengthening your credit and eliminating debt.

Visionary Finances Part 2: Business Finances + Course Guide and special guest segment from our partner Tax Specialist 

  • Pricing science: how to double your become in record time!
  • Profit: How to work less and make more 
  • Payroll: Learn how much you should be paying yourself vs how much should be invested in your business, and more!

Visionary Finances Part 3: The Retirement Plan + Special guest segment from our partner financial advisor

 (Releases in Nov. 2018)

  • Structuring your business to run itself, or be run by someone else.
  • Establishing detached investments and passive streams of income
  • Setting up your retirement plan
  • Special guest segment from our partner financial advisor


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